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Super Tinting elevates Your EV Efficiency with High Performance Window Films

Electric Car Charging Station

Efficient Climate Control

EVs (Tesla 3, Tesla Y, Ioniq, Bolt ID.4) are known for their energy efficiency, and our tinting services further enhance this by providing effective climate control. Ceramic LLumar CTX and IRX films reduce heat buildup, allowing your EV's air conditioning system to work more efficiently.

Extended Battery Life

Excessive heat can impact the longevity and performance of your EV's battery. Our high-performance Ceramic films minimize heat absorption, contributing to the preservation of your battery's health.

Enhanced Range

By reducing the need for aggressive air conditioning, our Infrared Rejecting Ceramic tints may contribute to a more efficient energy usage, potentially extending your EV's driving range.

UV Protection

EV interiors often feature advanced technology and sleek designs. LLumar Ceramic films protect your EV's interior from harmful UV rays, preventing fading and deterioration of your vehicle's aesthetics.

Performance without tint

Enhance your vehicle's performance and retain its original aesthetic with LLumar AIR clear ceramic window film. Featuring the same nano-ceramic construction found in premium auto tint, it ensures superior functionality without altering the original window color

Specialized Care for Tesla's windows

Shifting or frameless windows

Shifting or frameless windows

Shifting or frameless windows on Tesla move slightly when the door opens or closes. Super tinting's professional team understands the precise techniques required to fit and adhere the film seamlessly, guaranteeing a smooth finish eliminating the risk of bottoms edge peeling, creasing or bubbling.

Electrical systems

We recognize the importance of safeguarding Tesla's sophisticated electrical systems. Our process ensures that the tinting procedure doesn't interfere with your vehicle's electrical functionality. 

Tesla's luxurious leather interiors

Tesla's luxurious leather interiors

Tesla's luxurious leather interiors is soft and sensitive and deserve extra attention during film installation. We take great care to shield your car's leather surfaces, by covering the whole door panels and any other parts where tint solution can potentially contact the surface to prevent any water damage during installation.

Why Choose Super Tinting for Your EV Tinting Needs?

Specialized EV Tinting Expertise

Specialized EV Tinting Expertise

Our technicians are well-versed in tinting various EV models, ensuring that your vehicle receives the specialized care it deserves.

LLumar Excellence

LLumar Window Tint Excellence

We exclusively use LLumar films, including ATC, CTX, IRX, and AIR, guaranteeing the highest quality and durability for your EV's windows

Green-Friendly Commitment

Computer cut window tint

Super Tinting shares your commitment to sustainability. Utilizing a computer cut system enables us to optimize efficiency and minimize film waste

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